Bling Sparkly Face Mask

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Fit for a diva, this sparkly face mask covering provides fashionable protection. These masks are handmade to provide comfort and style while also keeping a barrier for protection. Eco friendly, these masks are reusable and washable. The cozy and breathable material won’t rub your face and it is easy to wear without causing discomfort. This mask has the characteristics of anti-dust, anti-bacteria, anti-vehicle exhaust, etc. which we can’t see and smell, which are harmful to the body and harmful air particles. Something we must have in our lives. It is good for you to wear this mask at any time. If you want to protect your family’s health and get the praise of your friends as well, I don’t think you will miss it.

Material: Polyester, Rhinestones
Size: 5.20″ x 8.30″
Package: 1 x Sparkly Face Mask